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An Argument Against Expanding Entitlements

1. It’s wrong to make promises you know will not be able to keep.

1a. This is particularly wrong when you know people will rely on such promises to their detriment.

2. Medicare currently has unfunded liabilities of $65.4 trillion dollars.

3. The Federal government is not going to be able to raise enough revenues to cover this $65.4 trillion shortfall, let alone any expanded health care entitlements.

4. If people are promised expanded health care services from their government, they will be less likely to save sufficient money to provide such services for themselves should the government fail to deliver.

5. Thus, it is wrong (given current conditions) to advocate expanding government health care entitlements.


July 17, 2008 - Posted by | Health Care, Morality, Politics

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  1. My mission on earth is support my self and my family..some times people need temporary help in hard times… but don’t think for one minute this governemnet or any other will put a gun to my head to support people that have made poor decisions in life.. its not fair … one mans problem is another mans taxiation……

    Comment by Anthony Pulli | March 23, 2009 | Reply

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