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Global Warming: Wanna Bet?

I tend to be skeptical about what you might call environmental doom and gloom – that is, claims that we are on the road to an environmental catastrophe and that unless we TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY dire consequences will result. Part of this skepticism stems from a negative reaction to certain bits of propaganda I was told as a child about how the world was about to run out of resources (which briefly had me really freaked out), and partly from a passing knowledge of the long history of false or exaggerated claims made on behalf of environmental doom and gloom. Some of these claims were no doubt known to be false at the time, and were repeated out of the conviction (depressingly common) that it is okay to lie for the greater good. But for the most part I think the people who preach environmental doom and gloom really believe it. There’s something in human nature that tends toward apocalyptic thinking, and given the limited state of our knowledge, it’s easy to get caught up in hysterias and panics which in retrospect seem quite silly (if our time horizons were a bit shorter, many people would no doubt be freaked out by the leaves falling off of trees in Autumn).

Despite this skepticism, however, I believe that global warming is occurring and I am inclined to accept that human activity in the form of carbon emissions plays a central role in this warming. Continue reading

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