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Writers of the World, Unite!

It appears that the Writers’ Guild of America, which has been striking for better internet residuals for the last two months, has itself been struck. According to the New York Post, the 19 unionized staff members of the WGA’s East Coast branch office are upset about the WGA revising its contract with the workers after negotiation to take out a wage increase.

Seeing the story put me in mind of a recent commentary by Rob Long, on the relations between Hollywood writers and the other, non-creative unions in Hollywood. According to Long, writers tend to be, perhaps understandably, impatient with union rules and restrictions on movie sets, which often slow down production, and are constantly trying to get their production crews to bend or ignore them. I don’t have a dog in the fight between the WGA and the studios, but it does seem to me that any claim to worker solidarity the WGA is now making is undercut by the lack of solidarity they show to other unions generally.


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